Release 1.11.0

Scheduled Article Review Information and knowledge are important to your front line staff. Now with the ability to schedule reviews of your articles you will be able to check your knowledge and make sure it’s kept current and up to date. You will be able to select your review period within the article editor for […]

Release 1.10.0

Decision Links We have introduced the ability to directly create new articles from the decision link section of your article. This allows for a more streamlined process of creating your decision trees. Decision trees are available across all paid plans on SenseIQ. Free Trial Now Available Now when you sign up to SenseIQ you will […]

First Steps on the Mountain, and introducing Smart Import.

In my last post, I talked about how difficult it can be to get started on the “knowledge mountain”, that feeling when you are staring at piles of documents, wiki entries and scribbled “Post-It’s” – not to even mention the critical information that only lives in the heads of staff members. The 80/20 Rule My […]

Release 1.9.0

Get started faster by importing existing knowledge After listening to feedback from some of our users telling us about the barrier of getting their existing knowledge into the right format, we have improved our import so you can get going faster. Our new bulk import will support websites links and file uploads (pdf, txt, docx, […]

Climbing the Knowledge Mountain

If you’re like most people, (especially since you’re reading this post) then you’ve got a keen interest in organising your knowledge to make it easy to find, easy to use and easy to manage. I’d also be willing to bet that this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about it and started down a path […]

July 21 Update – Attachments

We’ve been working hard on the latest user-suggested feature to enhance the knowledge base experience – and we’re happy to give you – Attachments ! Adding files and documents to knowledge is something that a number of our users have been asking for. Keep supporting material – be that documents you need to send to […]

Release 1.8.0

File Attachments After listening to feedback from some of our users, we have added this new feature into our paid plans. This will support uploading and accessing up to 5 attachments in an article to help with the use cases where you need to access a template or another document as part of your knowledge […]

Release 1.7.0

Self Sign Up The SenseIQ team are excited to introduce our self sign up. Get started straight away with one of our Basic, Team or Business plans and our new sign up and subscription flow will make this super easy to get underway and update or change if you need too! More information on our […]

Release 1.6.0

Editor Improvements Based on user feedback, the SenseIQ team are excited to bring some big updates to article editing. Full page edit mode and enhanced editor allows for a much improved experience when crafting and updating content. You can even now add categories whilst editing or creating. Article Versioning Made a mistake with a change, […]

Release 1.5.0

Public API Early Acccess Whilst we know it’s awesome using SenseIQ over the web, we also know that it’s even more awesome to be able to share the knowledge in SenseIQ with other systems.With our early access Public API, we’re making it easy to search for and utilise SenseIQ content in other sytems, web pages […]