Editor Improvements

Based on user feedback, the SenseIQ team are excited to bring some big updates to article editing.

Full page edit mode and enhanced editor allows for a much improved experience when crafting and updating content. You can even now add categories whilst editing or creating.

Article Versioning

Made a mistake with a change, or want to go back to a previous version? SenseIQ now allows you to compare with any previous version of an article and choose which to publish.

This is great if you have one-off events, or even if you accidentally delete things when you’re editing.

Decision Tree Updates

Cleaner UI when following a decision tree.

You can now view all articles in the current tree (as before) or just show the current article (now default)

Export Articles

Easily create a simple CSV file of all your articles for backup, archive or sharing with other systems

Quality of Life Improvements

- Manage article listing will now have your homepage article "pinned" to top to make it easier to locate.
- Bases can now finally be renamed or removed !
- If you have permissions to edit articles, you will now see an edit icon in the normal "search" view - this will make it much faster to make changes on the fly

Bug Fixes in this Release

- Fixed issue where updating an article in "pending approval" state was not allowed (#11024)
- Fixed issue where user font selection was not showed in some cases in article view (#10521)