Transform your customer's experience

  • Wait times

  • Call length

  • Escalation rates

  • Staff training time

  • Customer satisfaction

  • First call resolutions

  • Confidence and efficiency

  • Contact centre capacity

say goodbye to unanswered questions & dropped calls

Your organisation's sixth sense


Simple setup with guided tutorials and the ability to import your existing FAQ data.


Customer service agents can search using keywords to easily find the right answer.


Users are guided through asking the right questions to find a customer solution.


Sales agents can be led through  scripts and handling objections as they deal with prospects.


Easily manage and update company-wide intelligence and content.


Use multiple knowledge bases to segregate data when dealing with different teams.

Getting Started is easy

How does SenseIQ Work?

Load your data

SenseIQ makes loading organisation knowledge easy with intuitive importing tools and helpful step by step guides.

Invite your team

Knowledge is worthless if it's not shared. Invite your team and manage who can modify organisational knowledge.

Fire up your browser

Designed to work in your browser, where your other systems are - no complicated software installs or IT team approvals.

Master every question

You're ready to go. Watch your team take calls with confidence, knowing that the right answer is always close at hand.

FRee Beta

1 Workspace

1,000 Knowledge Base Articles

Unlimited users

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile access

Full email support access

Free Beta until January 2020

Receive a 33% discount on paid plans forever when you join the Beta

$0/ monthly


1 Account

Regular Database

Ultimate R&D

Tech Support

Responsive Website

10 Revesion

$0/ yearly


1 Account

Regular Database

Ultimate R&D

Tech Support

Responsive Website

10 Revesion

$109/ yearly

we know your world

Built by the contact centre specialists.

SenseIQ is the brainchild of Telnet, New Zealand's largest provider of outsourced contact centre services.

Faced with the challenge of managing tens of thousands of calls a day over dozens of client accounts and hundreds of staff, Telnet looked to their technical team to solve common contact centre problems with innovative technology solutions.

The result? SenseIQ - twenty-plus years of knowledge management learnings, rolled into one easy-to-deploy package for your contact centre team.

Want to try it? Sign up for access to our Beta program.

We’re excited to have launched a limited public beta of SenseIQ.

If you’d like to be one of the first users, or would like to know more then please fill out the form and one of the SenseIQ team will be in touch ASAP

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