Master every question.


The right answer, every time.

SenseIQ’s intuitive knowledge base empowers your contact centre team to
exceed customer expectations – every contact, every call.

A comprehensive collection of articles, decision trees, scripts and
Q&A sets, SenseIQ harnesses the full knowledge of your organisation
to provide the right answer, every time.

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Transform your customer's experience


Your organisation's sixth sense


Simple setup with guided tutorials and the ability to import your existing FAQ data


Customer service agents can search using keywords to easily find the right answer.


Decision trees help users into asking the right questions to find a customer solution.


Sales agents can be led through  scripts and handling objections as they deal with prospects.


Easily manage and update company-wide intelligence and content.


Use multiple knowledge bases to segregate data when dealing with different teams.

How does SenseIQ work?

Load your data

SenseIQ makes loading organisation knowledge easy with intuitive importing tools and helpful step by step guides.

Invite your team

Knowledge is worthless if it’s not shared. Invite your team and manage who can modify organisational knowledge.

Fire up your browser

Designed to work in your browser, where your other systems are – no complicated software installs or IT team approvals.

Master every question

SenseIQ makes loading organisation knowledge easy with intuitive importing tools and helpful step by step guides.

Scalable, Simple, Knowledge Management for Teams

At SenseIQ we understand that knowledge is made to be shared.  That’s why our pricing allows every knowledge “creator” to share their content with up to 20 read-only users for no extra cost.

Since teams can scale up and down, our Active User Billing, allows you to free yourself from worrying about adding and removing users as your needs change.  You will only be billed for your level of usage that month, based on the total number of “active” creators and users that have logged in and used SenseIQ, 

  • Basic
  • Team
  • Popular
  • Enterprise


per creator / month
per creator / month

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Read-Only Users
Users who can search, access and use knowledge bases, but cannot edit knowledge content
up to 2up to 20

per creator

up to 20

per creator

Monthly Active User Billing
Monthly Active User (MAU) billing means that you will only pay for those creators who have logged in and used the system each month.
N/A Flexible
Maximum Users per Workspace
Total number of users (including Creator and Read-Only users) that can access your knowledge.
up to 3up to 30up to 1000Flexible
Knowledge Bases
Number of separate knowledge bases that you can create in your workspace.
1up to 10up to 100Flexible
Total Number of knowledge articles you can create
up to 100up to 1000up to 50,000Flexible
Trending Articles
Lists the most popular articles in a knowledgebase
Automatically adds a tooltip with explanations or descriptions to acronyms or company jargon
Smart Import
Smart Import intelligently searches word, excel and PDF files, or public websites to find knowledge base content
Decision Trees
Quickly and easily build step-by-step process instructions
Article Versioning
Easily compare changes to, or go back to an earlier version
Change Management
Article changes can be approved by a manager prior to being made live
Public API
Feature rich API allows you to integrate SenseIQ in your own projects
SupportCommunityEmail SupportPriority Email SupportCustomised
Get StartedGet StartedGet StartedContact Us
How do i get billed for SenseIQ?

SenseIQ is billed based on usage at the end of each monthly billing cycle.  You will be charged for the number of creators who have logged in throughout that month.


Each creator allows for up to 20 read-only users to log in.  If more than 20 users log in during the month, you will pay for additional creator(s) to cover the total number of active read-only users


You can use the calculator to estimate what your monthly costs will be based on the number of creators and read-only users

How do I optimise costs?

With SenseIQ, your costs automatically scale up and down as your needs change without you needing to do anything.


Your costs are calculated every month based off the number of creators and read-only users who use SenseIQ  (with a minimum of 1 creator billed each month)

What is a Creator?

A Creator is any SenseIQ user who can create or edit articles. 


Anyone who is assigned as Owner, Manager or Editor for any knowledgebase is regarded as a creator.

What is a read-only User?

A read-only User is any SenseIQ user who only has access to search for retrieve and give feedback for articles.


Anyone who is only assigned as user across all knowledgebases is regarded as a read-only User.

Maximum User Limits

In all plans there is a maximum user number.  This covers all users in the workspace including Creators (Owner/Manager/Editor) and Read-Only Users.


If you require more than 1000 users, please contact us to talk about our Enterprise plan



Built by the contact centre solutions specialists.

SenseIQ is the brainchild of ContactSuite – part of the Telnet Services Group. 

Faced with the challenge of managing tens of thousands of calls a day over dozens of client accounts and hundreds of staff, Telnet’s large New Zealand contact centre looked to their sister company ContactSuite solve common contact centre problems with innovative technology solutions.

The result? SenseIQ – twenty-plus years of knowledge management learnings, rolled into one easy-to-deploy package for your contact centre team.

Contact Us

If you’d like us to contact you with some further information, or if you are looking for advice on how to migrate from legacy systems or build your knowledge from scratch, send us a message and one of our friendly team will get in touch.

You can also send us a message if you’re currently on our Basic plan, and you’d like to try out our amazing features on the Team and Business plans

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Master every question.

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