Article Preview

Preview an article from the Manage Articles view without needing to go into the edit screen. The quick preview shows what the article will look like when searched for, and also offers a quick shortcut to editing the article if a change is needed.

Embed Single Article

Embed a single article (as well as a whole base) in your third party web app. With this functionality, authorised users will be able to have view specific articles embedded in any web application that supports iFrames.

Clipboard Improvements

By default, SenseIQ now copies article content in a "rich text" format which makes it easeier to copy into other applications. You can still copy to clipboard as plaint text or HTML by clicking the "down" arrow by the copy icon.

Knowledge Import Improvements

We've added support to import articles that belong to multiple categories. The import system also now performs much faster and provides more useful information to the user if it hits any errors during import

Bug Fixes in this Release

- Fixed issue with users getting an error message on invite to a workspace if they are already invited (#10429)
- Importing file names with a full stop/period (.) no longer generates an error (#10445)
- Fixed issue with existing users getting a 403 error after being invited to a new workspace (#10427)