We've all got jargon and buzzwords to deal with, not to mention too many acronyms. Make it easy for your team to find out what those words mean now SenseIQ's built in glossary is Live !

Knowledge Embedding

Knowledge embedding allows you to have your SenseIQ base right there within other websites or CRMs. Using the Embed functionality, authorised users can access SenseIQ content in other web applications.

Navigation Improvements

Decision links have been moved into the Edit Article screen making it even more intuitive to create complex flows. We've also tweaked the UI for our manage team page.

Decision Tree UI Enhancements

It's now easy to see whether your article is linked in a decision tree by using the graphical view on each base edit page. You can also navigate the tree here to make sure the article is linked correctly

Bug Fixes in this Release

- Fixed issue with Manage Article not showing articles after an import.
- Fixed issue with the SenseIQ Support base showing on Invite Users Page.