Help and Support Base

We've added the SenseIQ Support Base to all users. As well as helping you get started, the Support Base contains instructions on how to use all of SenseIQ's features

Decision Trees

Decision Trees are live! Articles can now be linked together to create complex decision flows, or to simply group related articles. All decision tree steps are now logged for future analytics use.

Clipboard Support

Entire articles or decision trees can now be copied to your clipboard at the click of a button in either HTML or Text format for use in other applications.

Navigation Improvements

New options for number of items displayed. Current Workspace and Base names now show on the respective screens

Switch Workspace

If you've been invited to join multiple workspaces, you can now easily switch between them. Find this function in the "Manage Workspace" button on the dashboard.

Bug Fixes in this Release

- Layout issues when workspace viewed on a mobile device have been resolved
- Resolved issue where user would not be fully logged out until browser tab closed
- Fixed article styling issue (body text bold by default)
- Fixed ability to update workspace details